Portalverse Network

Decentralised Cloud Gaming

Harnessing Distributed and Underutilised Computing Powers to form a Computing Infrastructure Layer for the Metaverse
Our Vision

Community Driven Game Streaming for the Metaverse

Allow gamers to use any device they want to play demanding games and allow users with miners or domant computers to participate in the network and be rewarded


Experience the best content in the metaverse on their terms without hardware limitations or latency issues


Creates incentive to utilizing dormant gaming hardware or repurposing mining resources to support the network

Benefits of Portalverse Network

P2P Game Streaming

Decentralised rendering of games will lead to lower latency and the ability for the service to scale with demand.

Optimized Experience

Developers can focus quality metaverse experiences without hardware limitations and a consistent development workflow.

No Hardware Limits

Device constraints are no longer an issue when cloud streaming. Complex experiences are rendered in the cloud.

Existing Powerful Network

The most common graphics cards being used for mining were built for gaming. Making them fit for purpose without significant changes.

Investors and Partners